Joachim Schmeisser

Joachim Schmeisser became world-famous for his iconic portraits of Africa’s great wild animals and in 2012 he received the prestigious Hasselblad Master Award for his unmistakable visual language, which brought him great international recognition.

The timelessness and intimacy of his photographs is unique and characterized by a fine sense of “grandeur” that transcends ordinary beauty and makes the concept of the “sublime” palpable.
He gives us the feeling of witnessing something infinite or unattainable and his phenomenal lighting moods and incomparable compositions open up levels of feeling that are difficult to put into words.
Joachim Schmeisser’s special view of the world is different and goes far beyond the usual image of nature photography, documentary or action photography.
He reveals to us a magical vision of our world with equal individuals in whom we ultimately recognize ourselves.

Joachim Schmeisser is one of the world’s most important artists in this genre.
His books about the endangered animal world of Africa, “Elephants in Heaven” and “Last of their Kind”, have become bestsellers.