Suscha Korte

“Porcelain plates with gold rims or elaborate decorations, staged as shiny, shimmering and valuable pieces of jewelry, contrasted with everyday objects such as plastic bowls, tea towels, postcards and signs. Suscha Korte’s pictures are sometimes spartanly empty or appear cluttered and untidy at first glance. Regardless of their very different staging, they are pictures with a narrative horizon. The individual objects symbolize stages of life, experiences or individual events. They show traces of life and tell of everyday life. A concrete person behind the objects remains elusive. The pictures are portraits without people, because the works do not portray an individual person or represent an individual fate, but are a portrait of our humanity as such. This is expressed symbolically with things that play a role in our lives, such as letters, crockery and educational sayings.” (Dr. Ina Ewers-Schultz)