Veronica Mar

We are proud to introduce you to our latest discovery: the talented artist Veronica Mar. With her unique style and creative vision, Veronica has already caught the attention of many art lovers. We invite you to explore her works and be enchanted by her creative passion and talent. Immerse yourself in a world full of colors, shapes and emotions.

“My research aims for a balance of volume, form and space to emphasize emptiness over mass, inspired by Brancusi’s exploration of the essence of life. Through organic lines and shapes, I create a calligraphic effect with texture, color and light reflections. I combine classical and avant-garde materials such as steel, brass, aluminum and acrylic stone to create intimate indoor and outdoor spaces. My sculptures spiral upwards, suggesting physical and spiritual purity through minimal presence. They invite the viewer to enter into an introspective dialogue that connects them with freedom, emancipation and self-realization. My artworks establish a dialog between eternity and transience, empty and full, light and darkness, with the aim of uniting duality.”